Invoice Finance | Debtor Finance for Your Business

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If your business sells on credit you may be able to get invoice finance, also known as debtor finance.


This means that you may be able to take a loan against the value of the invoices/credits that have been extended to your customers.

Invoice finance/debtor finance enables you to get paid almost immediately, instead of waiting 30 days, or whatever your payment requirements are, for your customers to pay. Invoice finance/debtor can be a solution to your cash flow problems caused by your payment terms.

There are certain criteria that you must meet in order to get invoice finance/debtor loans.


    • Are your businesses Australian registered with an ABN?
    • Have a minimum invoice size of $10,000?
    • Wait 30 or more days for payment?
    • Are growing and lack sufficient capital?
    • Able to pass financial and anti-fraud checks?
    • Have customers that are large corporations or government bodies?


You may be able to get invoice finance!

Invoice finance/debtor finance is a useful business finance facility because:


    • As your business grows the finance facility can also grow;
    • Typically, you do not need real estate as security;
    • It can sit alongside other business loans (such as overdrafts, term loans, and asset finance);
    • It can improve your business’ cash flow and increase your business’ purchasing power; and
    • There are no capital repayment requirements.
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