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Property developers do you want to talk to a professional about funding for your property development? We can help!


Residential property development finance

We can handle both small and large development projects.

We can arrange residential property development finance for:

Renovations & extensions

Single dwelling house constructions

Secondary dwelling (granny flats) constructions

Dual occupancies constructions

Multi-unit, multi-townhouses & housing estate developments

Apartment block developments

Mixed use retail and residential developments

Property development joint venture funding

Oak Laurel offers residential property development finance solutions.


Access to multiple development finance lenders

Land Development Cost and Gross Realisation Value based funding available

Mezzanine finance and private equity available for large development projects

Full doc and low doc options

Land development loans

Short term / bridging funding available

Experienced property development finance experts

Typically, would be developers get started by undertaking a renovation or extension project to gain experience in dealing with some the parties involved in the planning, approval and or construction aspects of undertaking a residential property development. These projects typically are lower complexity, require small amounts of capital and are low risk. Sometimes the novice developer undertake this to add value to their existing home or investment property. Typically these types of developments do not need specialised property development finance and can be funded through cash on hand, a personal loan, equity releases / line of credit or a standard construction loan.

After undertaking a small project or projects the developer with a small amount of experience often moves to something larger such as a knock down rebuild single dwelling or three of four unit or townhouse development.

These types of small development can often use a construction loan.

A larger project will need a development loan.

The maximum borrowing capacity varies between lenders and types of funding.

Institutional: Senior – Full Doc, with pre-sales

Total Development Cost (TDC) up to a maximum of 80% LVR

Gross Realisable Value (GRV) Up to a maximum of 65% LRV

Minimum 80% debt cover in pre-sales (case by case)


Private: Low Doc, no pre-sales options

Total Development Cost (TDC) up to a maximum of 80% LVR

Gross Realisable Value (GRV) up to a maximum of 70% LVR

Bad credit history applicants considered

Partially complete projects considered


Stretched Senior – Structured Senior Debt

Total Development Cost (TDC) up to a maximum of 90% LVR

Gross Realisable Value (GRV) up to a maximum of 75% LVR

Pre-sales required (flexible parameters)


Mezzanine Finance

Total Development Cost (TDC) up to a maximum of 90% LVR

Gross Realisable Value (GRV) up to a maximum of 80% LVR

Pre-sales requirements same as the senior debt provider


Small residential development projects may be able to use a construction loan

Doing a small development project? A construction loan may be the answer. Find out about construction loans here:

Property development finance

Undertaking a commercial or industrial development project and need it funding? Contact us about getting your project funded.

Private equity funding for property development

Have a large project and need private equity to fill a gap in your funding? Contact us about getting your private equity funding.

Land development loans

Are you subdividing land to create value? You may need a land development loan. See here for information about land development funding.

How to get your property development financed

What you need to know about getting your project funded.

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