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Want professional advice about investing in property? Use a property investment advisor.

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Are you looking for property investment opportunities?

The difference between a good and pad investment in property can be thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Maximise your returns by getting professional property investment advice.

Buying an investment property

Helping you invest wisely in Australian property

Our property investment advisory service can help you invest in the most appropriate residential property for your circumstances and investment objectives.

We help you with the ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ to buy.

There is a great deal of ill-informed opinion in the property market and the investment options may seem endless including:

  • House and land packages,
  • Off the Plan,
  • New properties,
  • Second hand properties,
  • Regional,
  • Inner city,
  • Apartments,
  • Units,
  • Townhouses,
  • Duplexes,
  • Dual occupancy,
  • Capital growth, or
  • Cash flow / yield

Not every strategy is right for every client. Your strategy should be tailored to meet your circumstances and goals.

Your personal property advisor

As a client you’ll have your own property investment advisor. Your advisor will coordinate a team of professionals who work in your best interest to provide you with the advice, market research and properties and finance to meet your needs.

If you’re considering investing in direct property, either personally or through your SMSF, receiving property advice to find the right investment property at the right price is vital to ensuring good returns over the long term.

Our service can include the following services:

  • Helping you decide whether investing in property is right for you;
  • Market research to help identify suitable investment grade properties;
  • Find the right investment property to maximise your long-term investment returns;
  • Get the best possible price on the investment property;
  • Mortgage advice services; and
  • Ongoing portfolio reviews.


The investment process

We use a proven investment process to help you make a successful property investment:

  1. Financial plan – We will work with financial advisors to help you determine whether investing directly in property fits your overall investment strategy.
  2. Mortgage advice – We work with professional mortgage brokers to develop a mortgage solution to suit your objectives. Your mortgage professional will help you to obtain loan pre-approval at a competitive rate.
  3. Property market research – We conduct continuous research on Australia’s property markets. Our property researchers will review investment grade properties to determine if they meet your needs.
  4. Investment property selection – We will recommend an appropriate investment grade property once we have identified properties that meets your needs. We will provide you with all the relevant information that you need to make an informed investment decision.
  5. Pre-purchase due diligence – Before the purchase occurs, we arrange all of the due diligence including:
    • pest and building inspections;
    • strata reports;
    • quantity surveyors;
    • valuers; and
    • conveyancing.
  6. Property price – Paying the right price for a property is key to investment success. Based on our research, including market conditions, we will know what is reasonable a reasonable price and will look to achieve the best possible price for you on the purchase.
  7. Property management – It is important your investments are well managed and are generating market competitive rental returns. Because we have extensive knowledge of the areas we are investing, we can ensure your investment property managed by the highest quality managers.
  8. Ongoing service – We provide ongoing service to help you improve returns on your investment and make sure that you have the right industry professionals on your team. This can include annual reviews of your investment properties in relation to your circumstances and objectives.

We can provide a professional investment advisory service across Australia’s property market.

Our team provide outstanding value to our clients with a premium service at below average industry cost.
We are devoted to saving investors money through affordable fees without compromising on professionalism or our standard of service.

Some current opertunities are:

  • Boutique, small and high quality, unit developments;
  • Iconic inner-city developments;
  • High quality house and land packages;

We are sourcing new opportunities all of the time contact us or sign up to our newsletter to receive updates.

Off the plan – new development investment opportunities

Oak Laurel assists developers to get their development projects financed. As part of the development finance process, financiers and funders look favorably on projects that have ‘pre-sales’. That is the developer has sold some of the properties ‘off the plan’ prior to commencing the initial phase of the development (Phase 1).

This means that Oak Laurel has access to some ‘off market’ phase 1 property investment opportunities. These phase 1 opportunities can be below the true market value in order for the developer to make a quick sale, meet the financiers’ requirements and get the development started (instead of the developer continuing to pay holding costs).

If you are looking to get in on some phase 1 property investment opportunities contact us or sign up to our newsletter to receive updates.

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Buying an investment property

At Oak Laurel we provide clients in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney a hassle free system of buying investment properties. We firmly believe that a systematic approach, following proven criteria will result in superior results including above market returns on investment. We tailor a solution to each client based on an analysis of their individual circumstances and goals. We then match clients to well researched and analysed property segments down to the individual property.

Why should you invest in property?

Property investment has been and will continue to be used by savvy Australians as a proven effective strategy to create wealth.

Population growth has created high demand for quality, well located property. This has been observed across Australia’s major capital cities with property prices and rents increasing over time. However, not all properties perform equally and while some properties have rapid capital gains and rental prices others have remained flat or decreased in value and rental price. As an investor your goal should be to outperform and achieve superior results compared to the general market.

Why Invest in Property?

Investing is a choice many people make at one point or another, in the hope of bringing wealth to their lives. Whilst there are many investment alternatives such as stocks, bonds and cash, property investment tends to be viewed as one of the safest and easiest options.

However, property investment isn’t for everyone. Thus if you are considering investing in property, it is important to weigh up the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Investing in Property

Pros Cons
  • Capital Growth: When you purchase the quality, well located property, the value of your property will increase over time. A quality, well located property will not only increases in value but also provide rental income that also increases over time.
  • Anyone can invest in property: With Oak Laurel’s property investment advisory service, you can invest in property without needing to be an expert. The time and effort that will be required by you is minimal as our team of property professionals will take care of it.
  • Low risk investment: Every investment contains risk. However, unlike shares/stocks property is a relatively stable market, this is partly due to the large number of homeowners that purchase real estate for lifestyle purposes rather than investment.
  • Risks can be mitigated: Building and landlord insurance is available that will mitigate many risks to your property including flood / fire / damage / issues with bad tenants.
  • You have control: Unlike many other investments, you have control over your property (within all relevant regulations).
  • Taxation benefits: Tax benefits are not a good reason for investing in property. However, tax benefits can assist if your property is negatively geared.
  • Liquidity: The process of selling real estate is not as quick and may be more costly than it is to sell other investments such as shares. For this reason it is important to choose wisely and invest for the longer term.
  • Upfront and ongoing costs:  Purchasing property incurs both upfront transaction costs (i.e. stamp duty, deposit, legal and conveyance fees) and ongoing costs i.e. mortgage payments, maintenance and repairs, building and landlord insurance, land tax, water rates, council rates, etc.
  • Potential for vacancy: Your property may be vacant between tenants but you will still need to cover all of the costs (see above) during these periods.
  • Bad tenants: No landlord wants to have bad tenants. Bad tenants can damage your property, be late in paying rent or not pay rent at all and even refuse to leave. Some disputes can take months to resolve and become very stressful, especially if there is an emotional attachment to the property.
  • Other costs: You may be able to offset some of the cost of a negatively geared investment property through tax deductions. However, this will not account for all of the shortfall. You need to be able to afford to cover all of the costs of maintaining the property.
  • Note: this is not financial advice. Seek advice for your circumstance from a professional.

From initial consultation to monitoring and management. We make buying an investment property in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane and easy task. Are you ready to buy your next investment property?

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Oak Laurel can help you structure your investment property loans correctly to meet your objectives.

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