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Property developers do you want to talk to a professional about joint venture funding for your property development? We can help!


Joint Venture Funding for Property Development Funding

Typically property development finance lenders will only fund senior debt up to 80% of costs. If a property developer requires extra capital there are several options available.

  1. Provide additional security. This could be in the form of other properties that the developer owns;
  2. Mezzanine finance. This is secondary debt that may be in the form of a second mortgage; or
  3. Joint venture partners or private equity partners. Partners that invest in the project and share the risk and profits of the development.
Property development joint venture funding

Property Development Joint Venture Funding

Property development project joint venture funding where a property developer (or in some cases a landowner) seeks partners to invest in their property development project. The advantages of joint venture financing for the developer is that the project risk is shared among the partners. However, so are any potential the profits.

Oak Laurel’s brokers are selective when it comes to choosing appropriate joint venture partners. We have partners that bring capability, experience and ideas. Compatibility, aligned interests, and complementary experience and skills, are also highly important when matching joint venture partners.

We consider the following criteria:

  • Financial metrics of the proposal
  • Reputation, track record and expertise of the proponent
  • Fair and reasonable allocation of risk and rewards
  • Level of demand from existing funds or individual investors for the opportunity
  • An investment structure that optimises risk and returns for our investors

Oak Laurel can assist you with Private Equity Partners or Joint Venture Partners for your development project with negotiated terms and conditions.

Our finance brokers have a successful track record of arranging joint venture funding for our clients.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can find the right property development funding solution for your needs.


There is a range of benefits which could include:

  • Sharing of the risk of the development
  • Covering 100% of the development project costs
  • Combining complimentary skill sets to obtain a better quality and higher profit property development

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