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Are you looking for property development investment opportunities?

From time to time we come across development projects that are looking for private investors. If you are an investor that is looking to invest a substantial amount of funds into a property development project for returns on your investment that are proportional to the risk involved register your interest.

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You don’t need to be a professional property developer to get the benefits from investing in property developments.


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Property development investors

Gain direct exposure to the financial benefits of property development and investment.

Property development private investment may be suitable for:

  • High net worth individuals
  • Property developers looking for joint ventures
  • Land owners
  • International investors

Property development investors typically invest in projects that suit their investment horizon and risk profile.

Investors wanting shorter term returns typically opt to invest in development projects. Property development projects tend to be high return but also higher risk.

Investor searching for longer term investments typically choose develop and hold or buy and hold investments.

The opportunity exists to invest in both property investment and development projects. By doing so, investors have the opportunity to diversify their investment risk and return portfolio.

We regularly have investment opportunities available. Should you want to register to get information on opportunities, please complete the expression of interest form.

A summary of our typical investors and development partners include:

Are you a land owner with a suitable development site but don’t have the development experience or capital to complete the development?

We may be able to help you find:

  • a joint venture property development partner; or
  • finance or funding to develop your land.

Register your interest to find partners to help you develop your land.

Are you an investor that is looking for direct exposure to property development projects?

Invest in property development projects as an individual investment or as part of a wholesale investment fund.

Invest in a property development project. You will not need any expertise in property development and you can leave all of the leg work to a professional property developer. You can just opt to provide your private equity funds for the project and collect your return at the end or opt to retain part of the development long term as an investment depending on your desire and agreement with the developer. You may also be able to make substantial savings on stamp duty as will as obtain a property at close to development cost.

Invest in off the plan property: residential, retail, commercial, mixed use or industrial. By investing in off the plan off the plan property,you can buy a property at today’s prices with minimal deposit and pay the balance at the completion of the project. Buy buying early in the development stage you may be able to aquire a property at a cheaper prices because the developer needs to get pre-sales to satisfy their financing requirements and is willing to provide a discount to you so that they can progress their development as time is money.

Register your interest in development opportunities.

Are you a commercial tenant looking to partner with a property developer to build a custom designed and built property?

Register your interest in finding development partners to assist you in developing a custom premise.

Are you a builder that wants to take the next step and become a developer?

Register your interest to connect with developers and development funders.

Need development finance for a project you have now?

Oak Laurel can help you get your project funded. Find out more about the property development finance that we can arrange for you.

How to get your property development funding approved

Getting your property development funded can be challenging. Find out how to improve your chances of getting it funded.

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