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Property development advisory services

Are you a budding developer? The early years of becoming a developer can be the most risky for you whilst you are learning.

You may have even completed a few developments but find that when you take the next step and attempt a bigger; more complex or multiple projects at the same time that you run into trouble.

You may get your finance turned down at once you are already committed. Oak Laurel can provide property development advisory services on a retainer basis. By obtaining professional property development advice you could turn a project with great potential that is going nowhere into a successful and highly profitable venture.

Our specialists utilise our extensive experience and network to help you to achieve the best outcome.

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Property development advisory services

Why use a property development advisor?

New developers can benefit from having a trusted advisor on their team. Even if you are not new to property development but maybe you are stepping up in the size, complexity or number of project that you have running you could still benefit from having a trusted development advisor on your side. In the end the cost of a good advisor can be made / saved ten fold by avoiding some mistakes and optimising your development project.

All to often we see developers get knocked back on their finance because they have set up their development wrong. By using a professional advisor early in the process you can avoid making these mistakes, result in a more profitable development and be confident that your development will get funded and completed on time and budget!

What service does Oak Laurel offer?

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • A highest and best use assessment your development site’s potential;
  • Assist you to develop a business plan for all aspects of the feasibility and management of the project project.
  • Conduct pre-purchase technical due diligence including planning controls, site dynamics, buildability, heritage, environmental aspects, land contamination,  legal aspects, and building code reviews;
  • Select, appoint and manage the appropriate professional consultants in the development team;
  • Design the development concept and strategy and alternatives to meet market conditions, undertake a feasibility analysis and modelling;
  • A review of market conditions including supply and demand factors based on a sound basis of recent sales or leasing evidence and other factors to determine the development project feasibility;
  • Obtain approval for site rezoning or change of use to achieve the highest and best use of the site;
  • Liaise and negotiate with local planning authorities regarding development controls and constraints to achieve the desired outcomes;
  • Manage the Development Approval process (DA);
  • Prepare tender packages and manage the tender process;
  • Legal negotiation;
  • Prepare a plan to maximize presales;
  • Development partner selection;
  • Development agreements, options and joint ventures;
  • Assist with preparing development finance and funding applications.

Different packages are available depending on the needs of the developer.

We understand that undertaking a property development project when you are new at it can be a demanding and stressful experience. If you are not a full time developer your other commitments can also get in the way and delay your project and cost you time and money. Even if you are an experienced developer when you increase the number, complexity and or size of projects that you are undertaking you can be unsure in some circumstances or overrun by tasks. The last thing that you want is for a mistake to be made because you have too much on. We give you the opportunity to utilise the full range of development project management services, or opt for a more hand on role with a property development advisor to guide you through your project.  A fixed fee is charged for this type of service.

We can assist you by providing comprehensive and integrated development management services, managing the whole project considering all of the risks and opportunities to maximise profitability.

We can provide independent and expert advice across every part of the development project from start to finish.

Every stage of the development project will be carefully managed to mitigate potential risk and capitalise on opportunities beginning with the feasibility study right through to the final sales or leases and the closing out the project.

We have a number of different fee structures to suit the individual developer and the complexity of the project. This can include a monthly retainer scaled to the complexity of the project and experience of the developer or a performance based on the completion of each development stage. Meaning, that the fee is only charged on completion of each development stage.

Need development finance for a project you have now?

Oak Laurel can help you get your project funded. Find out more about the property development finance that we can arrange for you.

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