Commercial property loans: loans for buying commercial property

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Do you want to talk to a finance professional about getting a business loan? We can help.

Non-conforming business finance: non-conforming plant and equipment loans

We can arrange non-conforming business finance for:

  • Poor credit history, loan defaults, adverse judgments, discharged bankrupt, tax arrears;
  • Cash flow /working capital using the equity in unencumbered plant & equipment;
  • Startups or business acquisitions;
  • Other lenders declined applications; and
  • Specialised or older plant or equipment.

commercial financing: commercial real estate loans

Contact us about your non-conforming business finance needs.

An Oak Laurel mortgage broker will go through your finance requirements with you to ascertain the best way forward.

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non-conforming commercial loan: nonconforming business finance

Have you been rejected but other banks because you don’t conform to their lending requirements? We may be able to help!

Commercial vehicle loan

Have you been rejected by the banks? Need a non-conforming business loan? Maybe we can help.

After plant and equipment finance?

Find out about normal (conforming) plant and equipment finance here:

Loans for franchises

Need finance for a franchise business? Find out about your franchise finance options.

Bad credit home loans

Do you have a bad credit history? Find out about bad credit history home loans. You may be able to get a home loan despite having a bad credit history.

Low doc business loans

Sometimes you may not have all of the required documentation to prove your income to the bank or lender when you need a business loan. In this case a low doc business loan may be an option,

Debtor finance | Invoice finance

If you sell on credit you may be able to get invoice finance / debtor finance.

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