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Non-conforming business finance: non-conforming plant and equipment loans

We can arrange non-conforming business finance for:

  • Poor credit history, loan defaults, adverse judgments, discharged bankrupt, tax arrears;
  • Cash flow /working capital using the equity in unencumbered plant & equipment;
  • Startups or business acquisitions;
  • Other lenders declined applications; and
  • Specialised or older plant or equipment.

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non-conforming commercial loan: nonconforming business finance

Have you been rejected but other banks because you don’t conform to their lending requirements? We may be able to help!

A nonconforming business loan is a loan that does not meet normal the banks or lenders criteria approval. Reasons can include:

1. bad credit;

2. unusual asset used as a security / collateral for the loan;

3. insufficient income;

4. larger loan amount;

5. higher loan to value ratio;

Oak Laurel can arrange non-conforming business loans for things like:

1. Financing tax debt;

2. Financing unusual / specialised plant or equipment;

3. Financing older plan or equipment;

4. Financing startups or business acquisitions; or

5. Financing cash flow / working capital using the equity in unencumbered plant  & equipment.

The Preferred loan to value range for non-conforming loans is between  75% – 85%.

Loan terms / length available for non-conforming loans are between 12 months – 60 months.

The proof of income required for these non-conforming loans includes: recent financials, personal tax returns, Business Activity Statement (BAS) or management accounts.

This is not a Lo Doc Loan.

Non-conforming loans of between $25,ooo to $750,000 are available.

Up to 30% residual value may be required depending on the proposal.

The interest rate will vary depending on the situation. The base rate range is 16.0% to 19.5% depending on variables of the proposal.

There is no application fee. However there is a documentation fee of a minimum $600.00 on acceptance.

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Have you been rejected by the banks? Need a non-conforming business loan? Maybe we can help.

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