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Foreign investors, do you want to talk to a foreign national mortgage specialist about borrowing to invest in Australian real estate? We can help!

IMPORTANT! Non-resident lending in Australia has changed.

The major banks and non-bank lenders are no longer lending to non-residents with foreign income.

We still have loan options for non-residents. However, the interest rates and fees are more expensive. Rates start from 12% plus per year and may include an establishment fee and other fees. Only company borrowers are acceptable (you must be able to provide an ABN/ACN). Maximum borrowing is 60-70% of the property value.

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Foreigner mortgages: Home loans for foreigners living overseas

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With high levels of immigration and sustained growth in the price of property, there is increasing demand from foreigners for the purchase of Australian property as an investment. Home loans for foreigners are available but only from selected lenders. We can help foreign property investors to obtain the right loan for their property investment in Australia.
Yes, but before purchasing any property in Australian, foreigners must have approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board FIRB. You may not be able to purchase certain types of property. For example you may only be able to purchase new property not established or used property.

Note that that commencing 1 Dec 2015 there is a $5,000 application fee when applying to the Foreign Investment Review Board to purchase residential property costing less than $1 million and $10,000 for properties greater than $1 million and each million after.

Tax and other conditions specific to your country may apply. You should check with your advisor before purchasing a property in Australia.

Yes, overseas property investor loans are available from some Australian lenders.  In many instances a foreign citizen living overseas (non-residents) can obtain a loan for the purchase of an Australian property if the correct lender is used and they meet the lender’s criteria.

Different home loans are available for non-residents depending on your residency status (non-resident living overseas, temporary resident living in Australia, permanent resident). More information is provided here on Non-resident home loans for Australian property.

We can assist you to find the right lender that will accept your type of loan application.

Banks and other lenders each have their own criteria for assessing loan applications. Some lenders will not loan to overseas property investors. We know the lenders who allow overseas property investors loans and can work with you to get your loan approved.

Applications are assessed based on four topics:

  • Your capacity to repay the loan – Do you have sufficient income to repay the loan?
  • Your character – do you have stable employment/income and residence? Have you repaid debts in the past? However, Australian lenders will only check loan defaults in Australia, not those overseas.
  • Your contribution of capital – how much deposit will you use?
  • The collateral for the loan – are you securing the loan against a quality asset the lender can  sell quickly without losing money if you fail to make the repayments for the loan?

Even though lenders assess mortgage applications on these themes, different lenders will have different policies on what they accept in their assessment. We can help you submit your application to the ender most likely to accept your loan application.

Mortgages to foreign residents for the purchase property in Australia are generally assessed on a case by case basis. We can help you get your mortgage application approved!

You will then need to provide the required documents showing your identity, income, an Australian Business number, deposit funds and your eligibility to purchase property in Australia. Different lenders will have different requirement as to what is sufficient evidence. We can then complete the loan application for you.

There are strict restrictions on the currency of foreign incomes. Some country currencies are not accepted. Contact us to find out if you are eligible.

Australian home loans for foreigners living overseas

No. You are only able to get the first home owners grant if you are buying the property jointly with an Australian permanent resident or Australian citizen.
The Australian non-resident loan market has changed. Many lenders that were lending to non-residents are no longer in the market.

Oak Laurel mortgage brokers still have options that may be able suitable for you.

Foreigner mortgages - Home Loans for foreigners living overseas

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Foreigner mortgages: Home loans for foreigners living overseas

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