Home loans for accountants – no LMI

Yes, some lenders offer interest rate discounts or do not require lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) on home loans for accountants. If you are an eligible accountant, these home loan specials could save you thousands of dollars, especially if you are borrowing above 80% of the property value.

Some lenders consider that accountants and some other professions are their preferred borrowers. This is because they are considered as at lower risk of defaulting on their mortgage payments. Because generally accountants are low risk, some lenders are willing to lend to at high loan to value ratios (>80% of the property value) without Lenders mortgage insurance. This can save you thousands of dollars, especially at higher loan to value rations and higher borrowing amounts.

Some lenders offer special home loans for accountants each with their own requirements and specials available. Depending on the lender, eligible accountants buying their principal place of residence may be able to borrow up to 90% (or more in exceptional circumstances) of the property value without paying lenders mortgage insurance. The different lenders have different maximum borrowing amount conditions, interest rates, fees and features.

Lenders Mortgage Insurance is often needed for home loans that are greater than 80% of the property value. If you need to pay for LMI it can cost you thousands of dollars.

Please note that other lending criteria may apply.

If you are an accountant and do not need a LVR above 80%, then you have an even wider choice of lenders where you can still get great discounts on interest rate, fee and features. A Oak Laurel mortgage broker can negotiate with the lenders to get you a better deal.

Because different lenders offer different interest rates for different loan amounts (and levels of interest rate of discounts for accountants), and only some lenders will waive the lenders mortgage insurance, the best accountant home loan will typically depend on the combination of the amount you are borrowing the proportion of the property value that you are borrowing (less than 80%, greater than 80% or greater than 90%) and your eligibility to meet the lender’s policy. Ask an Oak Laurel accountant home loan specialist about how your options compare.

Oak Laurel has a network of mortgage brokers across Australia that not only have local knowledge relevant to you but also understand the different specialist lending areas like home loans for professionals.

We can help you assess the different home loans, and match those that meet your needs. The amount that you intend to borrow, what features you want or need, the amount of savings you have and your income level and sources will all influence if a home loan  is suitable for you.

We can help you cut through the confusion created by the banks and lenders so that you can save time and money on your home loan.

Because we are paid a commission from the lender for settling the loan for most home loans we will not charge you. But that does not mean that you will pay extra for your home loan because you used our service. You may ask you your loan is not more expensive even though our service is free. This is because the lenders can save money by reducing the number of employees and branches when they use an independent mortgage broker. Instead they only pay the mortgage broker if the loan is approved.

If you are not an accountant you may still be able to get a home loan above 80% LVR with no LMI if you work in certain other professions or in some other specific circumstances.

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Are people in professions other than accountants eligible for species home loan conditions?

Yes, people worthing in the following professions may be able to get special home loan conditions:

Medical doctors and some medical specialists 












Law professionals 


Energy, Mining and Resources professionals 



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