Mortgage Broker Services

Oak Laurel offer the full range of mortgage broker services. from home and investment property loans through to self managed super fund loans, commercial property loans, business loans to car and personal loans. Just because we offer the full range of mortgage broker services, don’t worry that we are spreading ourselves too thin. We have specialists in each area so that you always get expert advice relevant to your needs and finance area. To find out more click the relevant button below to link to information on each area.

Home loans

We can help you through the process of securing the correct home loan for you are your situation. We are offer services for first home purchases, refinances and people with unusual circumstances. We can help you get a great deal and structure your loan to best suit your needs.

Investment property loans

Property investors often use finance differently to owner occupiers. Loan structure is important to maintain flexibility and costs. If you are a property investor we can help structure your portfolio.

Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) loans for property

Borrowing to invest in property can be an effective SMSF strategy for some people find out if your SMSF can borrow to purchase property.

Commercial Finance

Commercial finance is a specialist area and for more complex loans requires a specialist commercial finance broker. One of our specialist can help you structure and obtain commercial finance.

Property development funding

Property development finance is a specialist area and requires a specialist finance broker. One of our specialist can help you obtain finance for your development project.

Commercial property loans

Commercial property loans are assessed and priced differently from residential property loans. This requires specialist mortgage broker services. Ask us if we can help you secure a commercial property loan.

Agribusiness finance

Agribusiness finance is a specialist lending areas. Oak Laurel has specialist farm finance brokers that can assist with financing farm requirements. Get tailored finance solutions for the full range of agribusiness needs.

Commercial loans: Plant and equipment

If you are thinking to invest in new plant or equipment, we may be able to help get it financed.

Car loans

Whether you are getting your first car, upgrading or buying your dream car we can help you finance it.

Personal loans

Need a holiday, getting married or have another reason that you need a personal loan? We can make sure that you are getting access to a wide range of lender so that you will get a competitive rate.