Low Doc Home Loans: mortgages for self employed people

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Get a home loans without having all the documents required to prove your income.


Low Doc Home Loans: mortgages for self employed people

What you need to know about low doc home loans.

Low Doc home loans are usually considered as higher risk by banks and lenders. This is because you are providing less evidence of your income. Because low doc borrowers are considered as higher risk banks usually require lower maximum Loan to Valuation Ratios (LVRs), higher interest rates (proportional to the assessed risk), and less loan features than regular (full doc) home loans.

To get a full doc loan (full documentation loan), a self-employed borrower usually needs to provide evidence of their income using a combination of:

  • Tax returns
  • ABN and/or GST registration
  • Business Activity Statements (BAS)
  • Business banks account transaction statements
  • Accountant’s letter

 low doc home loan - lo documentation mortgages for self employed people

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 lo documentation home loan - mortgage for without a BAS

Missing some of your proof of income documents? Use a low doc loan instead. 

A low doc loan (short for low documentation loan) is a type of loan that can be approved that requires less documentation to verify your income. Usually you will sign an income declaration and provide your Business Activity Statement (BAS), business account statements or an accountant’s declaration to prove your income. The bank or lender will then accept these documents as proof of your income without the need to see your tax returns and other financial records.
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