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95% Investment property loans; 90% LVR Investment loans: What is the maximum loan to value ratio for investment property loans – July 2015

NOTE: Bank policy is now in a state of change this information is only valid at the time of writing 9 Nov 2015.

Bank policy has been changing recently. Some banks have stopped lending to investors. Others banks have reduced their loan to value ratios available on investment property lending and or increased their interest rates for investment property lending. There has also been changes to the serviceability calculators used by banks and lenders that reduce borrowing power in many cases.

We have been getting inquiries from property investors asking:

Is it still possible to get investment property loans at 90% loan to value ratios (LVR / LTV)?”;

Can I get an investment property loan with 10 percent down?

I have bought ‘off the plan’ can I still get a higher loan to value ratio investment loan?

What is the maximum investment property loan to value ratio available now

Will I need to pay much higher rates on an investment property loan now?

Whilst many lenders have changed their policies other lenders have not, well at least not yet.



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