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You home loan is probably one of your largest expenses. Over the life of your home loan you may spend almost as much, or maybe even more, on interest and fees than you spent on your home. Scary!!!

For example a $300k loan at 5% interest and no fees, paid off with standard payments over 30 years will cost you $280k. An interest rate of 5% seems reasonable now but what about when they rise? Long term interest rates may average about 7%, so using 7% interest on $300k over 30 years would make your interest $418K. Now I am not suggesting that you are paying 2% more than you could be but even if you are paying part of a percentage point more over time it can be a substantial amount of money. So if you want to save some of the money you are spending on home loan interest and fees, get a home loan check-up from a mortgage broker at Oak Laurel.

The best part is, if you get home loan check-up from Oak Laurel, it will cost you very little time and no money! But it could save you thousands of dollars.

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