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G’day and welcome! We are Oak Laurel finance and mortgage brokers. It is likely that you have come to check us out because you were recommended by a friend or family member who raved about our service or you may have found us some other way. 

If you are taking out a loan direct to the bank/lender without getting the advice of a good mortgage broker chances are you are not getting a loan that is right for you. This is the case if you are getting a new loan or refinancing. If you have had a loan for more than two years it is time for a review. The situation changes over time, interest rates may have gone down since you took out your loan or your current lender could have hiked up your rate or another lender decreased theirs. Or maybe your situation and needs have changed. You don’t need to pay the “lazy tax” (higher loan interest rate etc…) when mortgage broker from Oak Laurel can do all of the hard work for you!

“If you have had a loan for more than two years it is time for a review.”

You might be asking yourself why you should use a finance broker or mortgage broker and if so why you should choose to use Oak Laurel.

The banking and finance industry has changed recently and making it even harder for customers to choose the right loan. By using a good finance broker or mortgage broker you can saving time and money. Your broker will help you to do all the running around to find a competitive loan that satisfies your requirements. But not all brokers are equal. Some brokers only have a few lenders on their panel and will not be able to give you as wide a range of options to choose from. This means that you could be missing out on the best deal for your loan. Some mortgage brokers have gimmicks like competitions or other offers to entice you in but then end up providing a quick and dirty service.

When you use Oak Laurel you are getting a premium service. Not only does Oak Laurel have a wide range of lenders on its panel but Oak Laurel has mortgage professionals that specialise in different types of mortgages and funding. We find that this gives YOU the customer a better result than a gimmick or prize. After all the difference between good and bad loans can be thousands. Do you really want to risk it? If you want a finance professional on your side to help you through the maze of lenders and loans then you have come to the right place.

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Mortgage broker Sydney - Oak Laurel Mortgage Brokers in Sydney New South Wales

Ask one of our mortgage brokers in Sydney about your finance needs.

Need to talk to a mortgage broker in Sydney?

Oak Laurel has mortgage brokers in Sydney. An Oak Laurel mortgage broker can assist you with your finance needs throughout Sydney, wider New South Wales or in fact anywhere around Australia or abroad.

Our Sydney mortgage brokers have local knowledge specific to the Sydney market? Oak Laurel can assist you to understand your borrowing options and get the right lending solution to meet your finance needs.

You should choose Oak Laurel fiance brokers in Sydney because:

  • For most home loans an Oak Laurel mortgage broker will not charge you.
  • Oak Laurel brokers have access to a great range of lenders and loans, this means that you get more finance choices.
  • Oak Laurel mortgage brokers take the time to analyse your situation and suitability with the different loans, their interest rates, fees and charges and features to assist you to find a loan that suits to your specific needs.
  • Oak Laurel brokers provide great customer service that is ongoing. You will continue to get great value now and into the future.
  • We are family owned mortgage brokers. Some brokers are owned by the by the big banks, Oak Laurel are not, we are here to be on your side not the bank’s!
  • If you already have a home loan, you can get a free home loan check-up. Make sure that your home loan still the right option for you.
  • We are based in the Sydney, so we know the Sydney area and the Sydney property market and how that may impact on your loan application.  Oak Laurel can service all areas of Sydney and New South Wales. If you are not in Sydney or even in New South Wales? Contact a Oak Laurel mortgage broker where you are.
  • Oak Laurel are full service mortgage brokers. If you have a specialty need we have a mortgage broker to help you.
  • Home loans for First Home Buyers;
  • Guarantor home loans;
  • Refinance of existing home loans;
  • Property Investment loans;
  • Land and Construction loans, or House and Land Packages;
  • Property development finance;
  • Equity loans for renovation or investment purposes;
  • Debt consolidation;
  • Bridging loans;
  • Home loans for non-residents and temporary visa holders (e.g. 457 visa);
  • Special loan packages for certain professions (medical doctors and specialist, vets, pharmacists and many others);
  • Loans for self employed people and people with unusual employment (low doc, lite doc home loans and business loans).

Oak Laurel are Sydney mortgage brokers and service all areas of Sydney. We can also service other areas of NSW remotely.

Please call us on  0430 129 662

Our services

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Great Service

Oak Laurel will provide you with exceptional service. An Oak Laurel mortgage broker will provide ongoing service so that you get a great deal now and into the future!

Great Results

Oak Laurel will get you a great result! Be confident that you are in good hands.

Expert advice

We will provide expert advice so you can be sure that you are getting the right loan.

Range of lenders

Oak Laurel have access to a wide range of loans from the major banks and other lenders, even some lenders that you may not even know about.

Our Panel of Lenders

Our mortgage brokers have access to a large panel of lenders, this means that we can offer you a wide selection of home loans.

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Please note: some of our mortgage brokers may not offer products from all of the listed lenders. Our finance brokers can also use other lenders not listed for commercial / business loans.

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