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We provide Chinese mandarin and Cantonese mortgage broker services across Australia and overseas. Our Chinese speaking and writing mortgage consultants can help you through your home loan, foreigner investment property loan or commercial finance.

We can assist foreign Chinese from AustraliaChina, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries who want to purchase a property in Australia and borrow from an Australian bank or lender.

If you are based in Melbourne or want to invest in a property in Melbourne we may be able to assist you. We provide Chinese mandarin and Cantonese mortgage broker services in Melbourne. Australian Chinese, citizens or permanent residents who speak Chinese, mandarin or Cantonese that want to use a mortgage broker are also welcome to use our services.

Melbourne has been very popular for foreign Chinese property investors with a lot of Chinese purchasing property, particularly apartments in the Melbourne Central Business District (CBD) and Docklands. However, there are a lot of other locations with good prospects for foreign Chinese property investors to invest in Melbourne. Popular areas include the Monash city council area due to good schools. Long term the fundamentals for property price growth remain strong due to a large population and property demand that is growing due to population increase.

If you are live in Sydney or want to invest in Sydney property, Oak Laurel may be able to assist you. We provide Chinese mandarin and Cantonese mortgage broker services for Sydney.

Recently Sydney has is gone through a phase of capital gain and this tread appear to be continuing. There may still be some areas that have good potential for short term capital growth in Sydney but property buyers should be very selective. The long term the outlook for Sydney remains strong due to its high population and population growth rate.

If you are looking for a chinese mortgage broker in Brisbane to help you arrange finance, Oak Laurel can assist you. We provide Chinese mandarin and Cantonese mortgage broker services for Brisbane.

Brisbane is yet to undergo the property price gains as seen in Sydney and Melbourne however many people report that Brisbane may be the next Australian city to see rapid price rises.

Our Chinese mortgage brokers in Brisbane can help you borrow to invest in the Brisbane property market or elsewhere around Australia.

  • Oak Laurel mortgage brokers provide a free service to you for most home loans.
  • We analyse a wide selection different loans and their interest rates, fees and charges and features to help find a loan that suits to your needs.
  • We have great customer service and provide ongoing support so you continue to get great value now and into the future.
  • If you already have a mortgage, ask for a free mortgage review, you may be able to do better!
  • Oak Laurel is a family owned business, unlike some other mortgage brokers Oak Laurel is not owned by a big bank. At Oak Laurel we believe that you should come first not the bank.
  • We have access to a wide range of loans from a wide range of lenders,  including the big banks and many other lenders. This gives you the advantage of a greater choice of lenders and loans.
Our mortgage brokers can assist you with all your finance needs. This includes:

  • Home and investment property loans including if you have an unusual circumstance (on a temporary visa, self employed etc);
  • Commercial property loans, an especially good option for those wanting to buy their own business premises;
  • Self Managed Super Fund loans, when borrowing to buy real estate in your SMSF;
  • Property development finance from small to large property development projects;
  • Commercial plant and equipment finance;
  • Commercial motor vehicle finance.

Yes, but approval must be granted from the Foreign Investment Review Board. Generally, property purchased by foreigners must be new.

Yes, foreign Chinese can get property investment home loans or mortgages from some banks and other lenders.

Only certain lenders will approve home loans for foreign citizens. We know the lenders who allow home loans for foreigners living overseas and can work with you to get your loan approved.

Applications are assessed based on four topics:

Your ability to repay the home loan – Is your income enough after all of your other expenses to repay the home loan?

Your history – Is your employment and residence stable? Did you repay debts in the past?

Your capital investment – how much of your own money will you contribute to the purchase?

The type of property you are buying – is the property that the loan is for a quality asset? Lenders prefer property that they can sell quickly without losing money if you fail to repay the loan?

These are the topics that all lenders in Australia use in assessing home loan applications. However, within this framework each lender have their own specific set of criteria that they use when assessing loan applications.

Loans to purchase property for foreign residents are generally assessed on a case by case basis.

You will need to provide documents to prove your identity, income, employment or business operations, your cash contribution to the investment (deposit) and your approval to purchase property in Australia. Each lender has their own specific set of required documents. All documents in a foreign language must be translated into English by a certified translator. We can help you find the appropriately qualified translator. Once we have all of the documents required by the lender we can completed the application for you.

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