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Let us take care of your home loan so you can relax!

A mortgage broker from Oak Laurel can help you compare the loans available from different banks and lenders.

We can also provide annual reviews to check if there is a better loan available for you. This means that you will not pay too much today, or in the future.

Unlike many of our competitors we are not owned by a big bank. We are not tied to any particular bank, lender or other financial institution. Because we are not owned or partially owned by any of these banks or lending institutions, we can work for you and your best interests, not the banks.

We have access to hundreds of home loans and other loan products so you get more choices.

Oak Laurel have a network of professional mortgage brokers throughout Australia and can work with Australian and overseas clients remotely so chances are we can serve you wherever you are.

The Australian finance market is complex. There is a multitude of different home loans and other finance products available on the market today and lenders are constantly updating and changing their products.

This means that if you are not constantly analysing and reviewing what is available on the market you are unlikely to be able to find the most suitable loan products for you. Some of the best options may be for lenders that you did not know existed.

When dealing with the amounts of money involved in something like the purchase of a property, seemingly small differences can amount to thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. This is where a finance professional (mortgage broker) at Oak Laurel can assist.

Oak Laurel know the lenders that offer and which ones have the best rates and loan packages. Contact us for a free consultation. We have specialist mortgage brokers ready to help you.

No, for most home loans our services are free. We are paid by the banks for introducing loans to them. Your loan will not be more expensive because you use our service.

Rather, because we know the different banks and their policies and keep up to date about their changes to interest rates and fees, we can often find you a better interest rate or better home loan package!

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Are you self employed and missing some of your proof of income documents? Use a low doc loan instead.

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Oak Laurel will strive to get your home loan approved. An Oak Laurel mortgage broker will make getting your home loan a stress free process!

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Oak Laurel will get you a great result! Be confident that you are in good hands.

Range of lenders

Oak Laurel have access to a wide range of loans and lenders. We have access to the lenders that offer great home loan packages.

Expert advice

We will provide expert advice so you can be sure that you are getting the right loan.

Our Panel of Lenders

Our mortgage brokers have access to a large panel of lenders, this means that we can offer you a wide selection of home loans.

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Please note: some of our mortgage brokers may not offer products from all of the listed lenders.

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