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Property developers, do you want to talk to a finance professional about getting your construction finance approved? We can help.

Construction finance | No Pre-Sales | Funding for property developers

We can arrange construction finance for a wide range of projects including:

  • Hotels and Accommodation development projects
  • Office development projects
  • Shopping centres development projects
  • Industrial / Warehouse development projects

We can arrange multi-dwelling construction finance for:

  • Mixed use retail and residential development projects.
  • Apartment construction (multi residential apartment developments)
  • Small to large multi-dwelling townhouse development projects
  • Spec home development projects

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An Oak Laurel mortgage broker will go through your project with you to ascertain the best way forward.

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Get development finance without pre-sales or financials

To obtain commercial construction finance from the banks and other major non-bank lenders the developer is typically required to provide their full up to date financials and a high level of debt coverage from pre-sales or pre-leases (from arms length buyers / lessors).

Oak Laurel Finance Brokers have access to private lenders that are more flexible that the traditional banks and non-bank lenders. Our lenders do not require pre-sales and up to date financials, some of our private lenders will also allow past credit history issues (bad credit) if it is fully disclosed upfront.

We can arrange construction and development finance for a wide range of quality projects!

Development projects are assessed and financed on both TDC and GRV basiss.

The key advatages of using our private lenders to fund your development project.

No pre-sales

No pre-sales means that you can start your project sooner and pay less on project marketing. Delays and project marketing can be a significant cost to the project. Not only do you need to pay holding costs (and the opportunity cost) until the project stated but pre-selling may need to be done at a discounted value even when paying exorbitant marketing costs.

No financials

No financials means that you do not need to provide your full up-to-date financials (as the banks and non-bank lenders require) before you can finance your project. For these options the private lender will only require that you provide your assets and liabilities. However, it really help if you can a strong balance sheet.

Bad credit

Having bad credit can often exclude you from borrowing from the major bank and non-bank lenders. Many experienced developers ran into trouble during the Global Financial Cricis (GFC). If you have a resonable explanation for past credit problems and can demonstrate that you are low risk then we have lenders that will consider you for development funding.

Fast approval and release of funds

Sometimes speed is of the essence. We can assist with fast approval and release of the construction and development funds. Often we find that waiting for the developer to provide the required details is the part that takes the longest. If you have all the relevant details ready we can act fast and get a quick approval and quick release for funds so you can get your project started and completed quicker!

Quality development projects needed

We need quality construction and development projects. Just because our private lenders are flexible does not mean that they fund every development project. If you have a low quality property development project you will not get it funded. If your commercial construction project is poorly planned (feasibility study is incomplete or poorly researched, fails to consider taxes / levies, contingency costs), is overly optimistic (underestimates costs and/or overestimates revenues), has a low profit margin or low return on cost then it will be considered as high risk. High risk projects are difficult to get funded and in the case that they are funded will attract a high cost of funding.

Learn from a seasoned developer about how to plan and prepare a property development for success

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Small development project loans

If you are undertaking a small development project (four or less units on a title) you may be able to use a construction loan.

Property development finance

Find out more about the property development finance options we have available!

How to get your property development funding approved

Getting your property development funded can be challenging. Find out how to improve your chances of getting it funded.

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