commercial motor vehicle finance

Commercial motor vehicle finance

Need to update your vehicle fleet?  We can assist you with your Commercial motor vehicle finance.


Special offer on commercial vehicle finance

Check out this special offer on commercial vehicle finance. Fast and simple approval (minimal docs required). Some used vehicles accepted including: cars, light vehicles, farm vehicles (tractors, headers, harvesters), construction equipment (bulldozers, bobcats, excavators + more), warehouse/shop 'vehicles' (forklifts, telehandlers). Find out more here:


Business car loan

We can access and release funds quickly for a business car loan after all lending conditions are satisfied and approved by us.  The general statement about taxation should only be used as a guide and it does not constitute tax guidance and is based on present tax laws and their understanding.


  1. We can give you 3 vehicle finance options to choose from. These are: finance lease, commercial loan and commercial hire purchase.
  2. There is a possible tax benefits depending on the business vehicle finance option you’ve chosen. Know what you need to pay with  fixed payments on a commercial hire purchase,  finance lease, or a fixed interest rate on a commercial loan.
  3. You can ask for flexible repayment terms that can help you with your current situation and budget. We can agree repayment terms with a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annually or structured as negotiated.
  4. Minimum finance amount is $15,000.
  5. Terms from 1 to 5 years
  6. Use the vehicle you’re purchasing as security.


There are 3 different vehicle financing products that we can allow for you so that we could determine how much you really need to pay for the agreement.

  1. Commercial loan has fixed interest rates
  2. Commercial hire purchase and finance lease have fixed payments.
  3. Revolving limit is available. Ideal for customers with a fleet
  4. Residual value for finance lease or balloon for commercial hire purchase or commercial loan is available.

You can choose the best finance option that suits your financial status:

Finance lease

Finance lease – We can acquire a requested asset for you and rent it to you for an agreed period of time. We own the asset and you’ll rent it from us. Rental payments were usually tax deductible.

Commercial loan

Commercial loan – You are the owner of the asset. We will provide a loan secured by the asset that you have. The interest on the finance and deflation of the asset are generally both tax deductible.

Commercial hire purchase

Commercial hire purchase – We acquire the assets that you need and you’ll buy it from us with an installment basis. The asset’s ownership will be turned over to you after you completed the payment terms. The interest on the finance and deflation of the asset are generally both tax deductible.

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