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Agricultural property loans: mortgages for farm real estate

Agricultural real estate mortgages: finance for farming properties

Obtaining a loan for a agricultural, farm or rural property can sometimes be challenging. Many people get knocked back by the bank when they apply for a mortgage solely because the bank does not accept the size, location or type of property.

Are you purchasing a farm or rural property?

Do you need to refinance your farm or rural property, but but have been turned down by the bank even though you have equity in your property?


We can help! We have farm finance brokers that can assist securing finance for farms and rural properties.

Farm loans: agricultural finance

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Agribusiness loan - finance for agriculture farming

Agribusiness loans: finance for agriculture farming

Oak Laurel farm finance broker can assist you with your agricultural property loan.

Oak Laurel’s farm finance brokers have access to a wide range of rural and agricultural finance lenders. We can often get your agricultural property loan approved when other banks have said no.

Ask us about your options.

Oak Laurel mortgage brokers can  help and your agribusiness with:

  • Farm / agricultural property or acreage mortgages;
  • Construction loans;
  • Property improvement loans;
  • Hobby farm mortgage or refinance;
  • Rural lifestyle property home loan;
  • The refinance of an existing farm or rural property;
  • Lines of credit to access to equity you have in real estate or other assets;
  • Finance for cash flow during drought;
  • Capital for business growth;
  • Debt consolidation;
  • Livestock finance;
  • Trade purchase finance;
  • Finance structured to meet your needs;
  • Second mortgages for emergency cash; and
  • All types of Agriculture and other commercial finance;
Considerations for a farm loan or rural loan are similar to a regular home loan and can include:

  • The interest rate;
  • Fees and charges;
  • Loan term (length);
  • Variable or fixed and the fixed term;
  • Loan to value ratio (percentage of the property’s value you are borrowing);
  • Payment frequency;
  • A set loan amount or the flexibility to increase it as you need.
Typically the maximum loan term for an agribusiness loan is 15 years.  However, longer loan terms may be available in the certain circumstances. eg where the applicant has strong cash flow and the loan to value ratio is low.
The maximum loan to value ratios can vary from 50% all the way to 95% LVR depending on property size, the location and the scenario.

Ask us what we can do for you.

Some banks have specific agribusiness loan packages, whilst other packages not specifically targeted to agribusiness may be a better option depending on your needs. Our agribusiness loan brokers can assist you to compare the different loan packages including agribusiness loans and other packages so that you get the finance package that suits your needs.

Oak Laurel mortgage brokers can assist you with your finance needs whatever stage you are in your business.

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