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Hi and welcome! We are Oak Laurel mortgage and finance brokers. You have likely come to us for help comparing and obtaining a mortgage or some other type of finance. That is exactly what we can help you with.

Why use a broker? Using a broker can save you time and money on your loan. Your broker will do all the running around for you.

If you are taking out a loan direct to the bank/lender without getting the advice of a good mortgage broker chances are you are not getting a loan that is right for you. This is the case if you are getting a new loan or refinancing. If you have had a loan for more than two years it is time for a review. Things change over time, interest rates may have gone down since you took out your loan or the lender may have increased your rate or another lender decreased theirs. Or maybe your situation and needs have changed. You don’t need to pay the “lazy tax” (higher interest rate etc…) when an Oak Laurel mortgage broker can do all of the hard work for you!

“If you have had a loan for more than two years it is time for a review.”

Why use our services? When you use Oak Laurel you are getting a premium service. We have a wide range of lenders on our panel and over 2500 loans to choose from. You get expert advice from a specialist mortgage professional to help you find and get a competitive mortgage or finance. We find that this give YOU the customer a better result. Do you really want to risk using a broker without an extensive panel of lenders? After all, the difference between loans can be thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

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Oak Laurel helps first home buyer to get a mortgage with a low deposit or no deposit
  • Guarantor home loans for first home buyers borrowing 100%+ of the purchase price when they have a guarantor
  • 95% home loans for first home buyer or other people in a good financial position
  • Home loans without having any evidence of ‘genuine savings’ when your deposit is a gift from a family member
  • Low deposit home loans without lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) for lower income earners in Western Australia

Find out about guarantor home loans here:

Guarantor home loans

Find out about low deposit home loans without LMI in Western Australia here:

Low deposit no LMI home laons in WA
Oak Laurel Mortgage Brokers help property investors to structure their loans correctly

Property investors often have vastly different finance needs to other borrowers. For property investors getting the right loan is often just as important as getting the right property. Property investors often want to maximise their borrowing power so that they can gain the greater exposure to potential capital gains in the property market.

Being able to access the equity in existing property is also of great importance to property investors as this can be used as a deposit for the next property purchase instead of using cash.

Furthermore, getting the loans structured correctly so that it allows greater flexibility and control by the property investor (instead of lender) is also a very important consideration. For more information about investment property loans see here:

Investment property loans
An Oak Laurel mortgage broker can help you get home loan interest rate discounts or lenders mortgage insurance waived

Oak Laurel mortgage brokers may be able to help you get interest rate discount on your home loan.

  • Competitive home loan interest rate packages
  • Negotiated home loan interest rate discounts
  • Waived lenders mortgage insurance
Home loans
  • Home loan interest rate discounts and / or waived Lenders Mortgage Insurance for professionals including:
    • Accountant home loans
    • Chiropractor home loans
    • Dentist home loans
    • Energy, Mining and Resource Professional home loans
    • Lawyer home loans
    • Medical doctor home loans
    • Pharmacist home loans
    • Veterinarian home loans

Find out more about special home loan packages for certain professions here:

Special home loan packages for professionals
An Oak Laurel mortgage broker can help temporary residents and non -residents to get a home loan

Our mortgage brokers work with temporary and non-residents buying property in Australia to help them get a good home loan package.

  • Aussie expat home loans: Mortgages for Australians living overseas
  • Work visa home loans: Home loans for foreign citizens in Australia working on one of the many types of work visas including home loans for 457 visa holders
  • Home loans for temporary residents living in Australia on a spouse / partner visa or student visa
  • Loans for foreign investors borrowing to buy real estate in Australia

For more information about home loans for non-residents click here:

Home loans for non-residents
Oak Laurel help people with bad credit to get a home loan

Having bad credit does not mean that you cannot get a home loan. In many instances people with a bad credit history can still get a home loan or investment property loan. Generally, the more serious the credit problems the lower the proportion of the property value that you can borrow and the higher the interest rate. For people with minor credit impairments the loan to value ratio and interest rates are similar to normal home loans. Find out more about bad credit home loans:

Bad Credit Home Loans
Oak Laurel help self employed people and help people with unusual employment circumstances obtain finance

Oak Laurel mortgage brokers work with people with unusual employment circumstances, to get their loan approved.

  • Self-employed home loans: People that operate their own business or do freelance work as a photographer, journalist or writer etc… Find out more about self employed home loans:
Self Employed Home Loans


  • Casual employee home loans: People that work on a casual basis, often in the hospitality industry like restaurants, the retail shops and other consumer industries. Find out more about casual job home loans:
Casual employment home loans


  • Part time employee home loans: People that work a part time job including those working a second job part time (in addition to their full time job) and wanting to use income from their second job in their home loan application assessment.
  • Probation employee home loan: People that have started a new job and within their probationary period. Where the probation period is between 6-12 months, and afterwards they may be offered full-time work.
  • Fixed term contract employees home loans: Contractors, including those in energy, mining, resource & IT industries who are on a fixed term contract or contacts that role over.
  • Home loans for income from overtime, commissions and bonuses: Employees getting overtime, commissions or bonuses that want to use this income in their home loan application assessment.
  • Agency employee home loans: People that are employed through an employment agency.

Don’t have unusual circumstances? That is ok we can help you too!

Oak Laurel helps people finance commercial property

Financing commercial property can be a bit different from financing residential property. Oak Laurel can help you to arrange finance for a wide range of commercial property types with flexible terms and competitive packages.

Tired of annual reviews and want to refinance to a lender that does not require them? We can help!

Commercial property finance
Oak Laurel help property developers finance their development projects

If you have a small development we can assist you to obtain a construction loan to finance your project.

Construction loan


For larger property development projects the normal construction loans will not be available. Commercial property development finance is required for larger projects. Oak Laurel can assist you to get your project financed.

Property developers click here for more info and to start your projects finance assessment:

Property developement finance
Our brokers have access to a wide range of loans and lenders

Oak Laurel mortgage brokers have access to hundreds of different loans from a wide range of lenders. This not only give you great choice but the loans offered through our mortgage brokers are the same ones that you will get if you got direct to the bank or lender. However, if you use one of our mortgage brokers you have us on your side when dealing with the lender so you don’t get taken advantage of by the lender.

We have mortgage brokers in Australia’s major cities – contact a mortgage broker near you!

Do you want to use a broker that has local knowledge in your area? Contact our mortgage brokers near you to arrange a consultation about your finance needs.

Mortgage broker Adelaide.

Mortgage broker Brisbane.

Mortgage broker Canberra.

Mortgage broker Melbourne.

Mortgage broker Perth.

Mortgage broker Sydney

Brokers in other areas of Australia.

We can even help you if you are overseas.

Great Service

Oak Laurel will provide you with exceptional service. An Oak Laurel mortgage broker will provide ongoing service so that you get a great deal on your finance now and into the future!

Great Results

Oak Laurel will get you a great result! Be confident that you are in good hands.

Expert advice

We will provide expert advice so you can be sure that you are getting the right loan.

Range of lenders

Oak Laurel have access to a wide range of loans from the major banks and other lenders, even some lenders that you may not even know about.

Our Panel of Lenders

Our brokers have access to a large panel of lenders, this means that we can offer you a wide selection of home loans.

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Please note: some of our mortgage brokers may not offer products from all of the listed lenders.

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